Projects Support

Academic and Research Projects:

  • Implementation
  • ConsultationArduinoWorkshop03_720
  • Training

Our professional team will help you to reach the best result for your project, whatever it is a research, graduation or a private project.


We start with planing for your project:

1. The Idea: Help you to find or modify your project idea to reach the results you looking for.


2. Required components (For HW projects): List of all components you may need to compleIMG_3589t and assemble the project.


3. Required Training: Provide a list of skills you may need for your idea and  full schedule for training sessions to have the know-how for your project.


4. Time Schedule: Training sessions will be arranged with you according to your schedule and required time to finish your project.


5. Project Implementation and Test: Our team will work with you hand on hand to assemble and test your project to make sure trainingthat you get the goal you are aiming for.


6. Technical Support: Any time you need a support your project will find us ready to help and recover any issue you may face.