Robotics – Pic

Robotics – Pic

Project Description

Course Duration: 30 hours

Schedule: 3-5 hours/lecture

Hands-on practice & lab workshops are available

In this course trainees will learn how to programming the PIC microcontroller by knowing its features and functionalities. Also will teach more about RFID Module: Radio Frequency Identification Detector.
Trainees will have a good experience in wireless communication modules (ZigBee, Bluetooth and GPS) how to send and receive data to or from the PIC.
Also will learn more about the GSM module (Global System for Mobile Communications) and it. Commands to Send & Receive data.
Finally each trainee will do his own project, which is sending and receiving messages from the PIC to a website using the GSM module connecting with one of wireless communication modules

Application: This course includes practical applications the following:
1. Training Systems
2. Mobile Controller Systems For Houses
3. Wireless Controller Systems for Farm & Factories
And many other applications using the following Modules:
• PIC Micro-controller
• (RFID Module (Radio Frequency Identification
• Wireless Module (ZigBee) configuration Sending Receiving data using ZigBee
• Bluetooth Module
• GPS Module
• GSM Module
• AT Command for GSM Module
• Send & Receive data using GSM to controller


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