Robotics – FPGA

Robotics – FPGA

Project Description

Course Duration: 30 hours

Schedule: 3-5 hours/lecture

Hands-on practice & lab workshops are available

In this course trainees will have an introduction to Micro Controllers and Image Processing, also they will have full knowledge about FPGA, and how to build their own Robot based on FPGA.
They will use DC and Servo Motors Control, also different types of Sensors like (Temperature, Motion and Light Sensors) each for its purpose.
Trainee will be able to control a Robot and have a good knowledge with using Zig-Bee to connect it to PC or Bluetooth to connect it to a mobile.
Finally they will be able to build a robots with different applications at the end of this course.

Course Outline:
1. Introduction to Microcontroller
2. What is a FPGA?
3. How to build a Robot based on FPGA
4. Controlling DC and Servo Motors
5. Sensors: Temperature, Motion and Light Sensors
6. Control Robot using Laptop and mobile: X-Bee and Bluetooth Introduction to Image processing
7. Image Processing
8. Application on Robots



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