Robotics & Communication – Raspberry PI & Arduino

Robotics & Communication – Raspberry PI & Arduino

Project Description

Course Duration: 35 hours

Schedule: 3-5 hours/lecture

Hands-on practice & lab workshops are available

In this course trainees will learn about Raspberry PI how program, and use its functions also how to connect it with the Arduino microcontroller.
Programming the Arduino Microcontroller and recognizing its features and functionalities.
Dealing with sensors according to the purpose of this course, also RFID Module (Radio Frequency Identification Detector)
Using and handling Servo Motors, DC Motors with Raspberry.
Sensors and wireless communication modules. (ZigBee for PC connection, Bluetooth for mobile connection) in building and controlling robots.
After connecting the robot with the PC and the mobile trainees will Connect Raspberry with internet.
Finally they will have an introduction to Image processing and use a webcam. At the end of this course each trainee will make his own Raspberry PI and Arduino project.

Course Outline:
• Introduction to Microcontroller
• What is a Raspberry?
• Arduino and Raspberry connection
• Servo Motor, DC Motor using Raspberry
• Sensors
• Control Robot using laptop and mobile (Zig-Bee and Bluetooth)
• Raspberry with internet
• Introduction to Image processing
• Image Processing using webcam



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